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Parent Resources


Ideas for hands-on STEM experiences.


Helpful videos to provide insight into current education practices.


Learning on the go!

Suggestions of the best Science and Math apps.

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Tips for

     Learning at Home


HAVE A ROUTINE: Create daily routines that include academic as well as choice activities such as drawing, building, or dancing. Schedules should include plenty of breaks with time spent inside or out. It doesn’t have to be perfect so don’t stress.


STAY CONNECTED:  Many schools have great  plans for digital learning. Keep in contact with with teachers and other parents to work through it together. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


CREATE A WORKSPACE: Help your child create their own work space to minimize distractions while they focus on academic work. 


GIVE YOURSELF GRACE: Your “school day” will not be perfect and that is okay! Everyone is adjusting to something new and it will not be a perfect ride. 

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