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Math Resources

K-5 Math Read Alouds

Below is  a compiled list of our favorite books to use in the classroom for specific Math topics of instruction.  Children's literature helps students  connect their knowledge, interests, and experiences to the mathematical content they learning  to apply.

We will update this bookshelf each quarter to give you titles that will be relevant to the season and time of year in your classroom.

The Twelve Days of Winter 

Deborah Lee Rose

One teacher is very inventive with the activities and materials that she uses in the classroom. Colorful and filled with opportunities to count, it also makes a connection to seasonal science.

12 days of winter.jpg

Ten on the Sled

Kim Norman

A humorous snowy tale reminiscent of the rhyme, “Ten in the Bed.” Perfect for work with ten-frames, beginning subtraction, or ordinal numbers.

10  on the sled.jpg

The Mitten Tree  Candace Christiansen

An elderly woman notices that some of the neighborhood children don’t have mittens and decides that her knitting talents might help fix the problem. A lesson in unselfish giving, this book can also be used to build and investigate patterns.

the mitten tree.jpg

The First Day of Winter  Denise Fleming

The gifts that arrive during the first ten days of winter are used to construct a special surprise. The illustrations invite the reader to locate and count the items.


first day of winter.jpg

Give Me Half! 

Stuart Murphy


Throughout the navigation of their day, two siblings explore the unit fraction, ½. Colorful and clear in presentation, this book works well for younger students or as an introduction to unit fractions.

give me half.jpg

What’s Your Angle, Pythagoras? 

Julie Ellis


Pythagoras is a curious boy who enjoys exploring the geometry present in the world around him. As Pythagoras learns about right angles and angle measurement, the reader will as well.


More Than One 

Miriam Schlein 

(Counting and Number Sense)

A colorful counting book that transcends the norm. Focusing on the number one, it investigates instances when one might actually mean MORE than one.

more than one.jpg

Grandfather Tang’s Story  Ann Tompert


One day,  a grandfather delights his granddaughter with a story. Told with tangram pieces, the reader follows the recompositions of the puzzle as the story unfolds.

grandfather tang's story.jpg

Anno’s Mysterious Multiplying Jar  Mitsumasa Anno
(Place Value and Operations)

Beautifully illustrated, this title shows how a simple jar of water can lead to more. A simple presentation and sequence that will lead to deep discussions about factorials.

annos mysterious multiplying jar.jpg
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