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Math Resources

K-5 Math Read Alouds

Below is  a compiled list of our favorite books to use in the classroom for specific Math topics of instruction.  Children's literature helps students  connect their knowledge, interests, and experiences to the mathematical content they learning  to apply.

We will update this bookshelf each quarter to give you titles that will be relevant to the season and time of year in your classroom.

Math Magic 

Chris Hercshman

Using the popular conversation hearts allows the reader to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a variety of mathematical activities. The four basic operations, fractions, and ways to group are all discussed.

math magic.jpg

Emily’s First 100 Days of School 

Rosemary Wells

Emily eagerly anticipates the 100th day of school, feeling as though that it will never arrive. Not just about the number 100, this book emphasizes growth and change over time.

emily's 100 days of school.jpg

100 Days of School 

Trudy Harris

A rhyming book that allows for the colorful celebration of the 100th day of school. Not just about counting to 100, this book also has the reader contemplate some combinations that make 100.

100 days of school.jpg
100 days of school.jpg

From One to One Hundred 

Teri Sloat

(Counting and

Number Sense)

An award-winning  book that invites readers to locate objects and count from one to one hundred. Due to the visual presentation, combinations that compose certain numbers are also a strong discussion point.

one to one hundred.jpg

The Great Graph Contest 

Loreen Leedy (Measurement)

Toad and Lizard decide to have a contest to see who is the greatest graph maker. Several types of graphs are presented, along with how the reader might form graph displays of their own.

the great graph contst.jpg

Millions, Billions, and Trillions 

David Adler

(Place Value and Operations)

Queries involving counting to a trillion and beyond are imaginatively presented in this text. Concrete examples allow the reader to visualize the magnitude and power of larger numbers.

millions billions.jpg

How Big Is a Foot? 

Rolf Myller (Measurement)

The King hopes to give the Queen the one thing that she doesn’t have for her birthday; a bed. As beds haven’t been invented yet, this task invites an extensive exploration of appropriateness of measure.

how big is a foot_.jpg


Scott Gifford


Using real world examples, a connection is made between fractions, decimals, and percents. It serves as an introduction to the topic, but also can be used to reinforce the concepts.

piece part portion.jpg

Three Pigs, One Wolf, and Seven Magic Shapes  Grace Maccarone (Geometry)

The Big Bad Wolf is on the trail of all three of the little pigs in this take on the classic story. Not only about the use of wits, tangram tiles play a huge role in foiling the wolf’s evil plans.

three pigs one wolf.jpg
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