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Math Resources

K-5 Math Read Alouds

Below is  a compiled list of our favorite books to use in the classroom for specific Math topics of instruction.  Children's literature helps students  connect their knowledge, interests, and experiences to the mathematical content they learning  to apply.

We will update this bookshelf each quarter to give you titles that will be relevant to the season and time of year in your classroom.

Spaghetti and

Meatballs for All 

Marilyn Burns

(Place Value and Operations)

Mr. Comfort is eager to make his famous spaghetti and meatballs for the family reunion that he and his wife are planning. However, Mrs. Comfort has a puzzle to solve as the guest list-and her carefully planned seating arrangements- keep changing.

spaghetti and meatballs for all.jpg

Amanda Bean’s
Amazing Dream 

Cindy Neuschwander (Place Value and Operations)

Amanda Bean loves to count and add up numbers. She doesn’t really see the purpose of multiplication facts, but an amazing dream helps change her opinion.

amanda bean.jpg

Rechenka’s Eggs 

Patricia Polacco

Babushka adopts an injured goose, which is both trouble and blessing as she prepares for the Easter Festival. The intricate artwork invites deep discussion about patterns, while encouraging the reader to create some of their own.

rechenkas eggs.jpg

The Aunts Go Marching  Maurie Manning

The aunts-and not the ants-are who’s marching along on this rainy day. Topics to explore with this title include ordinal numbers and skip counting.

the aunts go marching.jpg

Count the Monkeys 

Mac Barnett

(Counting and Number Sense)

It’s difficult to do as the title asks when the monkeys are being frightened away by all the other animals. However, there are still counting opportunities galore, along with a surprise ending.

count the monkeys.jpg

Fractions, Decimals, and Percents 

David Adler (Fractions)

The County Fair is the setting and items like cotton candy, pie, and sheep, the means by which the mathematics is explored. This book provides clear introductory connections between fractions, decimals, and percents.

fractions decimals and percents.jpg

Measuring Penny 

Loreen Leedy (Measurement)

Lisa uses both standard and nonstandard measurement units to complete her math homework. Lucky for Lisa, her dog, Penny, is a most willing participant.

mearsuring penny.jpg

If You Were a Polygon  Marcie Aboff


The many characteristics that all polygons share are explored in this title from the If You Were… series. Colorful and creative examples fully engage the reader.


One Gorilla 

Atsuko Morozumi

(Counting and Number Sense)

In this tale there are a plethora of creatures waiting to be counted, even the one gorilla in hiding. An added tool includes an end visual that can lead to a talk about efficient ways to organize and record your counting.

one gorilla.jpg
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